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Cotton & Else, Inc . has been in the business since 1995. Our purpose of establishing C&E is to facilitate our existing customers and grow at the same time by adding more strong buyers. Since then, C&E has been generating substantial increase in sales volume and enjoys more than 70 % market share in south Florida.

C&E has been in constant efforts to fulfill the needs of our most valuable asset "Our Customers Satisfaction" Because of endless effort to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, we have been able to acquire many exquisite attributes such as excellent quality product, short turnaround period, excellent quality control and variety on our apparel products, and lots of other expertise. Consequently, we have been praised and recognized by all of our customers and earned a good reputation as a quality center in apparel community because we know it's all about needs assessment and customer satisfaction.

In today's fast growing marketplace and due to the cut throat competition it's hard to get an utmost utility out of investment as unfortunately, there are not many reliable sources available but you will be amazed how C&E can be a valuable service to your fine company.

Mere words are not enough to do justice with our products. It will look even better when will see them firsthand in your own company.

C&E will always look forward to build a long-lasting profound relationship with your company.

Prosperous Regards

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